Saturday, July 28, 2007

Small Town Stuff

Last month, about 40 banners appeared on our lamp posts, which are also adorned with hanging flower baskets. These banners were created by local artists - serious & not-so serious. One of the banners is from a Third Grade classroom at Connor's school. He may have participated in that, but I don't know. There are also some from our High School art students.

The banners are on disply for the month of July & you can take a walking tour of our Downtown to see them. I am hoping to do that one evening with Carolyn & Carl, if we get a chance. There's a little tour map that gives the names of the artists so you can see who has done what.

Or you can look at this link: Salmon Run Banners on Ebay

The unsold banners will be displayed in the Fall at a Harvest Festival.

This one is my favorite ;)

They are asking for a minimum bid of $50, and then $30 in shipping, but encouraging local pick-up. If you see one you'd like to bid on, I could probably ship it for less.

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