Thursday, July 19, 2007

Diana's Home!!

I dropped off Connor at summer school this morning, and then picked up Mary. We stopped at Bagel Tree for a breakfast-to-go, and headed up to Portland.

We were on the freeway still, when we saw the Lufthansa jet cross the sky just in front of us at 11:30. I'm all, "I think that was her plane!"

Mary & I watched a few more planes come in from the top of the parking structure, and then headed down to the baggage claim area of Portland International Airport.

We met up with other parents waiting on their kiddos, and about an hour later, Diana walked through the passage from customs. Whoo hooo!

Mary had made a special sign, so Diana would know she was home :P

We stopped at Subway for a quick lunch (no Salmon!!) and then headed the rest of the way home.

Diana unpacked all her stuff and showed us her photos (500+) and then we went to China Palace for dinner.

She made it through half an episode of Doctor Who before she started conking out. We put her in the shower for a quick wash-down, while we tidied up her bed for her. She's been up for 27 hours - with occasional snoozing on the planes. If she can, we told her to try to sleep until 5:00 or 6:00 am.

We're glad our (not so) little girl is home safe again with us, and Thank You so much to Martina, Juergen & Leonie for giving her such a wonderful visit!!


Rocky said...

Welcome home Diana!!!!!!!!!

Oh and my blog is new now :P

Tina said...

Well good! I've been checking...

Martina said...

Sie sieht gut gut aus nach dem langen Flug.
Es ist wunderbar die Tochter wieder in die Arme zu schließen , nicht war.
Obwohl wir als Mütter ihnen alles gönnen, haben wir sie doch gerne in unseren Nähe.
Vieleicht merkst Du auch das sich Diana ein wenig verändert hat.... 2006 ging es mir bei Leonie auch so, sie sind erwachsener geworden. ;-))
Es war schön Diana bei uns zu haben sie ist ein liebenswertes Menschenkind und wir haben ihren Besuch genossen auch die Freundschaft mit Leonie. Leonie ist nun als Betreuerin im Zeltlager für die nächsten 14 Tage und Juergen und ich sind allein. Hoffentlich ist es nicht zu still im Haus nach dieser auch für uns aufregenden Zeit. Bis bald Martina

Tina said...

Diana is still asleep! It's 7:30 now, and she's still totally out! Good!

When she gets up, she can have some breakfast - we *might* still have Nutella if Trevor didn't polish off the jar Connie brought us from Canada.

Today we're going to see the Harry Potter movie, and tonight she'll meet her friend, Cherinee, at the midnight Harry Potter book release party. I have laundry to do, and that's about it!

Back to normal here!

Thank you again, Martina & Juergen!!

keeka said...

Yeah, welcome back Diana, Kaleigh and Cole say HI! We can't wait to see you in a week! Get your photos arranged somehow! Or not, I don't care I want to see them!
and Ahem...I am hoping for some yummy yummy chocolate! But no pressure! If you didn't have room, I won't cry...much!

Anonymous said...

Diana I missed you so much I am so glas that you are home. I hope you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

that is a loser face i had. :p
i had fun.

Tina said...

Mary's shirt says "Love First" on the front. There's nothing else.

But Diana & I both had the same comment - Love first, sex later.


Like mom, like daughter? hee