Monday, July 02, 2007

Jason Lee went to my High School

The star of "My Name is Earl" (a show we like to watch) dropped out, but nevertheless, attended OVHS before going on to be a pro-skateboarder, and then movie & TV actor.

He was born in 1970, so he attended 8 years after me, 6 after Carolyn, so we never would have met him. Still, it's funny.

I found that out while trying to see who did the architecture of the school. I wanted to see if that was the same person who did the library at OIT.

If you don't watch "Earl" - he also did the voice for this guy...

Syndrome from The Incredibles.



keeka said...

no way! I had no idea! Wow, he is that much younger than us? Well, I guess if you are anything like me, there are a lot of stars that we think are older or as old as us that are young whippersnappers! I don't feel that old, I guess. Well, sometimes...

Tina said...

Okay - if you're going to use words like "whippersnappers" then EVERYONE is younger than you!