Sunday, June 29, 2014

Been awhile...

Oh hey - we moved to Canada.  My homeland.  Long story.  I'll get into it sometime when I have a few hours to kill...  In the meantime, I felt I ought to update.

We live at my mom's place.  She's going to be 80 this year and it's just a good idea to have people living with her in the large, two-story home.  We've already had one trip to the ER within two months of being here.

Everyone is working now :)  Even Connor has a paper route.  Diana is in Japan teaching English.  Trevor is a cashier at Wal-Mart.  I'm doing the same thing with a different title.  Lee is working for FedEx.  All good stuff, Maynard.

We miss the 'Burg, our Oregon family and our friends, but things are coming along well here and we are exploring our new town.  My sister says we've done more in less than a year than she's done in almost 10 since she moved up :) 

That's it for now.  Hopefully I'll do better with my posts soon :)