Thursday, August 30, 2007

At the Lake

Lake Okanagan is really deep. So deep, in fact, it has it's own lake monster - the Ogopogo. Here's more on that: Wikipedia article
We didn't see Ogopogo this time either...
Connor always spends most of his time in the water. He loves the lake. There are nice, sandy beaches, and plenty of stuff to look at over the water.
Trevor is all about the sand castles. He is constantly constructing and designing stuff.
Diana was only going to read, but she couldn't resist the lure of the water either. I couldn't convince her to change out of her jeans tho (?!?)
I think I might have gotten a very slight tan on my legs. I didn't have to swim this time though - the water was too cold for my tastes anyway.

The ice cream truck drives thru the parking lot and Diana HAD to get this Danny Phantom popsicle. Connor likes vanilla, so he got the ice cream sandwich. Trevor & I got the same. Ice cream trucks are just fun. We don't have any making the rounds at home anymore, so I like to buy from them when we get a chance.

Update on Renee

She survived "battlestations" where they are kept up for over 30-something hours doing exercises and who knows what (well, I suppose other Navy people know).
I was hoping she'd be able to come and visit before shipping out to the next place, but per the phone call with Mary, she's headed over right after graduation.
At least at the next place she should have internet again. She's also promised pictures :) This one is from camp a couple of years ago - hee.
Way to go Renee!! We're so proud of you! Have a great graduation and email me soon! *hugs* :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Dad's in the hospital

He was there the whole time we visited. We were obviously hoping he'd be coming home, but it didn't happen.

Canadian medical care is government-supported. This trip, however, I saw commercials for supplementary insurance. They don't have dental covered and other medical stuff, for instance.

The hospitals are really bare minimum when it comes to the "luxuries" we get in the States. You have to pay extra for TV, radio & phone. My dad has a cell he keeps with him, and he's been doing a lot of reading. Still, no TV!

When Diana brought the laptop to show her Opa the photos from her trip, she said there was internet available there. I guess that's what I'd do if someone were stuck long-term there. I couldn't leave my laptop with my dad tho :(

The other kind of scary thing was the lack of beds. We would pass 2-5 patients with their hospital beds just up against a wall in the hallways on the way to my dad's room. I just felt really bad for these poor folks in their hospital gowns, having to have blood drawn and whatever right there in the hallway. I've heard that happens in the States too, though not any hospitals I've ever visited or was a patient in.

At least the nurses weren't on strike this time...

Connor now knows the difference between "hospital" and "hotel." He was a little confused about it before. He also said, "Opa - he's coming home soon. It's time to go. Go home." I don't think he himself was uncomfortable in the hospital, but he could definitely see my dad wasn't very happy there.

We're praying Opa is well enough to come home very soon.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kettle Valley Development

When my folks moved up from California after my dad retired, the Mission Hills area was a nice neighborhood, right next to the woods. In fact, there were wildlife warnings that bears lived nearby and to be careful when people went for walks & hikes.

Within a few years tho, a developer bought the land and started the Kettle Valley development.

In the beginning, it was really just a "town center" with a little store and stuff. Now it's a bar & grill, fitness center, and real estate office, among other things.

The homes in the initial development were mid-sized places. Most were 3 story homes, with a basement at the bottom, kitchen/living room & office on the main floor, and bedrooms on the upper floor.
The homes were all along a street, close together, and the developer would deck them out at Christmas & Halloween. It looked very Main St. Disneyland, really.
Now that's all still there, but boy has Kettle Valley grown! It's not just these mid-size homes anymore - some of these places are almost mansions. The view of the lake is encouraging the development, and everyone has balconies to get their view!
My sister, Connie, has a townhouse in the middle of the development. There's a big park nearby, as well as big open areas for playing soccer or ice hockey, depending on the season. If you don't have a great view from your home, you can take a short walk to benches along the greenbelt to enjoy sunsets & the view of the lake. It is really picturesque. My folks and Connie get a lot of walking in. Sometimes they're invited to look around the insides of houses being built. Or the workmen building the paths for the greenbelt will show them the plans so they know what's coming. It's pretty cool. The last photo, you can still see the fire damage from the big fire four years ago - it burned through here and actually burned through to my folk's street (they were evacuated for 2 weeks, and then allowed to come home). It never would have reached them if all these houses had been there! At that time, it was only the Main street & Town Center. Although the nice park my dad helped build burned down completely. The new park is all plastic vs. the wood like the old one.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

In my home country

I took the kids to visit my folks with me in Canada. We left home Saturday & arrived here Saturday night. It took from 6:30 am to 8:00ish pm to get here this time. I wasn't in any big hurry, and we take rest stops as needed (usually every 3 hours or so).

The border crossing into Canada was way easy. We drove right up - in fact, it was so quick I didn't even have our papers ready & had to dig them out. Usually when Lee is driving I have them on my lap and ready to hand over. The line back into the States looked a bit daunting though. People were out of their cars, engines off, in a really long line. I may try to cross as a less populated area, just so we aren't going thru the main I-5 way. We can take the 97 and go along until there's a pass back over to the 5.

My dad is in the hospital again. He has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and he had just had some kind of something that made his white blood cell count shoot up again. You're supposed to have 20ish as your base line with those (however large the sample - I'm not sure). They admitted him when it was at 80. Since I've been here, it's been anywhere between 200 (!!!) and 130. It had been going down. He wound up with Thrush in the hospital, which is painful blisters in your mouth. That makes it painful to eat, of course. He's already lost 10 pounds while he's been there, so we're all working to help him 1) get better, 2) eat more. I've seen him every day, and of course so has my mom.

Yesterday, Diana took the laptop and her photos from Germany and showed him 300+ pictures from her trip. That was a long visit, but he really seemed to enjoy it. We brought him Reader's Digests to read, but he's already gone thru all of those. My mom is trying to buy him a few more mystery novels today. I guess he likes National Geographics as well, and I could have brought a ton of those, if I'd have known. Oh well.

My mom & I have been walking in the mornings around the new development that's just expanding all the time. It sure is cool. It's called Kettle Valley, but I couldn't find any decent images to put up on the web. I'll just have to put on my own pics later. Connie & I had dinner at the bar & grill there yesterday. Very nice & just a quick walk from Connie's house.

We also went to the beach yesterday. Connor really wanted to go. The first time I dropped T & D off at the extremely messy fire-hazardy comic shop & I took him to the Apple beach (there's a big apple-shaped food booth there). Then I got the kids, picked up mom from the hospital & we went back to the house. In the afternoon, I dropped Diana off with Catherine to visit my dad, and Mikael, Trevor & Connor & I went to the beach near the hospital. Today Connor hasn't asked for the beach yet, but we'll go this evening after Connie is off work.

Today I'm going to make current jelly. My dad has a couple of current bushes that are just loaded with berries. Connor has been eating all the blackberries - my dad has a thornless bush which is really nice. This afternoon I'll probably go visit with my dad again.

Saturday morning we'll head home again.

Any prayers for my dad are very appreciated! I'll update again once I'm home (with pictures!).

Friday, August 17, 2007

Early Birthday

Diana will be turning 17 while we're in Canada next week, so she celebrated her birthday at home on Wednesday with some friends ;)

I made a trifle and chocolate fondue, and then they had ravioli & garlic bread for dinner. They hung out together in Diana's room, and then played the surgery game on the Wii. I had thought they'd watch a movie (we had Benny & Joon in keeping with the previous Johnny Depp tradition) and also True Lies, just because that's a fun one. But they didn't watch either. That's okay. Everyone ate too much and laughed a lot.

Good stuff!

Music on the Half Shell

Another small town benefit. Free concerts in the park during the summer.

People get up early and leave their blanket or quilt/bedspread on the grass in front of the concert stage (the removable backdrop looks like a shell), and then that evening, you have a nice spot to watch the concert. No one moves or takes your blanket.

This sort of thing is not really up Connor's alley. Before he was born, we went a few times with younger Trevor & Diana. Now I go with my friend, Rose. This year, I joined her twice. The first band was African, and then these guys were from Nashville.

Most people bring a picnic or snack with beer or wine. Rose bought herself some little stakes to hold drinks when we were at the winery. That works much better than trying to balance your wine glass on a blanket. There are areas that are for blankets only, so you're not allowed to bring chairs that will raise you too high for the folks behind you to see. Then up the hill, people can use chairs. The right side of the stage is reserved for dancing... or for what passes as dancing - heh. You get some good people-watching in if you're checking out that crowd.

There's a big variety of acts every year. The folks putting on the show really work to bring in people from all over the world. There are symphonies, one-man bands (or one-woman), folk, blues, rock, whatever. There's usually one recognizable group - this year it was Los Lobos (La Bamba). I passed on that one - waaaaay too crowded. I'll bet they put blankets out on Monday night for that one (you're supposed to only start at 5:00 am Tuesday).

There's also the food vendors up at the parking lot area. Everything from BBQ to ice cream, if you didn't bring your own picnic. I guess they do okay, since they come back every week, every summer! The Girl Scouts are usually tapped to help with recycling efforts and collecting trash after the concerts - the girls get to keep whatever has a deposit to return for cash for their troops. Diana has helped out with that in the past, tho not this year.

This group was called Old Crow Medicine Show. Rose called it "mountain music." Lots of fiddle and harmonica & yodely-yelling. Very fun. The lead singer was really skinny and wore jeans that could only be loose on him. He's on guitar, one over from the right. I should get Trevor a pair of those.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wine Tasting

Well, here I am on my little summer vacation before school starts again. It's short this year since I worked summer school. That's okay tho, it was a good thing - Connor was in school at the same time anyway.

I got a call from my friend, Rose yesterday. She wanted to get together this week and do something. I had been thinking about visiting a winery (seeing as how we have a bunch all around us), and I'd never been to the Henry Estate, even though every time I go to a place where there are samples, Henry Estate's wine is my favorite.

Anyhoo - we wound up heading out together around noon to go and check it out. We stopped for some Taco Bell first though, since neither of us had had much breakfast, and we were going tasting, after all!

I know the dry wines are the "better" wines, but I like sweeter stuff. Not quite grape juice, but definitely on the fruitier side is my preference. We went ahead and tried dry and sweet though. All the wines have a very nice "nose" with a good "body" and were very flavorful. Rose & I didn't pretend we knew what we were doing with the tasting though. The guy serving us helped us along with understanding what we were trying to taste :)

I also loved the grapevines hanging over the porch out front. And that little blue Hot Wheel is Rose's car. :)
We're going to the concert in the park tonight...

Lee's New Job

He started yesterday. Boy, that was quick!

On August 2nd, Dell called a meeting and announced they were closing our local store/call center. It also happened to be pajama day (Lee was not wearing pajamas tho). The employees were given 1/2 hour to get their stuff out of their desks and hand in their badges.

There's been a lot of flak directed at Dell for the way this happened. Lee figures the decision was made about 3 weeks before they closed. Up until that time, they were still updating and improving the facility. Then suddenly all that was dropped.

People around town say there should have been some kind of warning. But hang on - what happens when you warn people in a security-controlled job? They get pissy and download something evil into your computers -- or they grab names & numbers of customers for personal use -- or whatever else nefarious things pissy people do. Unless Lee cleared it beforehand, I wasn't even allowed to walk in where the desks were. He'd have to meet me at the security desk if he forgot his lunch or something. That's just the nature of this kind of business.

And they did set up job options. In the termination packet, there were a few flyers for the job fair on the following Monday, which is how Lee got this job. The company he hired into was hiring 35 people right then, and then they want to hire an additional 100 people once their new facility is up later this month (Lee is helping set that up now). There were more trainings set up at the local college by Dell. There were a few other contacts for people to try to make the adjustment as well as possible.

And there was also a decent severance package. They are continuing insurance benefits for those who were covered for the next three months (we're under my insurance anyway). So there is a little time to try to move on to something else.

Since Lee got the job so quickly, we're actually ahead financially because of this. His income at the new job was based on his income from last year, which was a pretty good year for him at Dell, and they even rounded it up! And of course, we still have the severance coming too.

Why they closed our Dell we may never know. Was it the lawsuit started at our Dell regarding the overtime nonpayment (their arguement was that it was commissions or something)? Was it because the peripherals (cameras, printers, etc.) weren't selling as well as they'd hoped? Was it because HP cut into their market too much?

Lee was actually enjoying his job, but he was kind of stalled. There wasn't any benefit to becoming a manager, since sometimes your team didn't perform as well as they needed to for commission bonuses. People sometimes would go back to a job like Lee's because they earned more on their own.

I'm hopeful this new job is the start of something bigger for Lee. His actual title is "IT Manager" and they are supposed to hire in people for him to manage once they get into the newer location. I think he'll excel at this. It will be a challenge, but he likes challenges - it's a lot less boring! Go Lee!

Monday, August 13, 2007

2007 Fair

That's a bunch of piglets. We got to the fair bus by 10:00, made it to the fair by 10:15, and then had to wait a bit until they opened the line to buy tickets for the rides at 10:30. We checked out the pigs and some booths, but Connor was really there to do the rides!
First in line for the best ride EVER! The Super Slide!!! He must have done this 30+ times. He'd come down and ask, "Again?" We'd say okay, and he'd hand the mat to the guy working there, get in line, get his armband scanned and off he went with a "Thank you!"

He tried a few other things - the carousel, spinning bears, Fun House, & the big Ferris Wheel. The second best ride was the airplanes.
Saturday is the only day you can buy the armband which allows unlimited rides from 11:00 to 5:00. Lee & I lasted until 3:00. By then, Connor was okay about taking the fair bus and going home again (he could have made it to 5:00 easy). Diana & Trevor could have stayed if they'd wanted, but they decided to come home with us. It was pretty hot out, so I think we were all ready to go (except maybe Connor). All in all, I think we got our money's worth!

Fair Food

We went as a family to the Fair on Saturday. I'll put some photos up in the next entry, but I was just thinking about the food today. A lot of people around here go to the fair, just for the food!
A lot of our local restaurants set up a booth for fair week. In the past, the Greek restaurant was a favorite of ours, but the owner has had so much business at the actual restaurant, he didn't want to do the booth this year. It tends to be the newer restaurants that are still trying to get regular clientele. They will try new stuff at the fair, just to see how it goes over before adding it to their menu.
Or it's brand-new booths, just trying out an idea for a restaurant. Or it's just folks that travel along with the ride company, and that's their summer. I suspect the Curly Fries (as big as your head!) & Lemonade stands are like that.
Other booths are fund-raisers for local groups. The Lions Club gets to use the Umpqua Ice Cream booth & gets part of the proceeds. The Boy Scouts sell water & sodas at their booth (they also had an oscillating fan that sprayed water, which was really nice in the heat!).
There were also local wineries with booths - I sampled that on Tuesday before the concert I attended with my friend, Rose - dinner was ice cream that night :)
Diana went to the fair 4 times this year. With Daniel on Tuesday, as a Girl Scout to volunteer with me on Wednesday, again to volunteer but also hang out with Mary on Thursday, and then with all of us on Saturday. She was using her own money for food except Saturday, so she scoped out all the booths for the best prices. She found out caramel apples were the best price near the rides ($2.50). At the food court area, they were as much as $4.00! Her favorite place for selection & price was called the "Inner Space Cafe." This may have been a booth trying to see if they can make it as a restaurant. It was mostly salads & wraps and they had the best veggie options for us. To make it even better, they had a mic and amp set up and you could Sing for your Supper! If you got up there & sang a song (no music or anything) they just gave you your order for free!
Diana & Mary sang two songs - the first they thought was a jingle so they didn't count it (it talks about Taco Bell), but the second was a GS action song and they happily got their free food! See? Girl Scouting gets you free food! How else would you be able to sing "Stay on the Sunny Side" in perfect unison?
Lee & I could have sung as well, but he didn't wanna. The sauteed mushroom wrap I had was pretty tasty tho :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ice Cream Break

We have some great ice cream here. Our local dairy Umpqua Dairy has won the top national honors for two years in a row now. The quality really shows in their ice cream.
When you go to the grocery stores or wherever anyone scoops their ice cream for you, the scoops are HUGE. It's .90 for a single scoop at our grocery store, and dang, it's about a pint of ice cream!

The flavors are great too. My current favorite is Espresso Madness (but I can only eat it in the earlier part of the day - I won't sleep otherwise). Lee likes Mountain Blackberry Revel. Trevor is a Mint Chip guy, and Diana actually goes for anything ranging from Cookie Dough to Strawberry Cheesecake. Connor is strictly vanilla right now - there are three choices though - regular Vanilla, French Vanilla, or Vanilla Bean.

Whenever Carolyn & Carl are coming up or down on their way along the I-5, they will stop and meet us for ice cream, even if they don't have time to really visit for a while. This year we met at our house - by chance, the 1/2 gallons of Umpqua were on sale at $2.88 each, so I got a few to give us a choice. This year we tried Chocolate Peanut Butter (I don't usually like this, but theirs was really good!) and Tin Roof Sundae. Yum!

By the way, all the other dairy products are excellent as well. Butter, Milk, Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, etc... They don't do tours so much anymore since 9/11, but I think you can still call ahead and get a tour if you really want. They are not a big enough operation to install a tour route through their facility (yet).

Friday, August 10, 2007


When I went to bring Dan to the bus depot to change his ticket for Wednesday, as I turned to drive down our street, you could see the flames in trees about a mile or so away (on the other side of the big highway - no danger to us). There were a couple of kids who'd decided to make a campfire in a little forested area near their house, and it got out of control so they *ran away.* (obviously not boy or girl scouts, who usually have more of an idea of how to control a fire). Still, as we drove down my hill, it was pretty interesting how high those flames got - easily 10-20 ft. higher than the tops of the pine trees... The photo shows the view from our street after the flames were contained - they had been higher than the tree just behind the white building - but where the smoke is in the photo.

After we got his ticket fixed (that consisted of the lady at the counter writing his name on a slip of paper with Wednesday's date - no actual change on the ticket itself), we picked up Diana at her job and she'd heard the sirens as the fire dept. went to work on the fire.

We drove down Diamond Lake Blvd. which was open, but people were driving slow through the smoke. As we drove, a helicoptor with a bag of water dumped it on the fire. I hadn't seen that up close before. I always thought they just opened the bottom of the bag somehow and it all dumped that way - but it actually opens slits up the sides, so it's more of a shower. Still, it's a lot of water & I wouldn't want to be under that! I missed getting a photo since I was driving. Those helicopters are stationed at our local airport all during the fire season months.

By the time we drove by, they had already contained most of the fire, so we just saw a lot of smoke. Ashes fell on our house, but not too much. One thing Oregon knows is how to fight fire! That's really our main natural disaster. No hurricanes/tornados, earthquakes (to speak of), volcano action, or flooding (out of the flood plains). If you keep your property maintained & green, you're pretty okay.

We would probably have to evacuate if a fire started on the hill above us - that's all wild, but we are surrounded by homes & a cemetery. So in that respect, we're about as safe as any other home in the world. Fire happens. I'm glad our city has a lot of experience in the forest and knows their equipment!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


We had our nephew, Daniel, over to visit for a few days. His mom dropped him off on Sunday, and the kids spent time hanging out and playing the console games & stuff.
On Monday, I went to work & Connor went to school. The kids went to a World War II library opening, and got to talk to some old vets & hear their war stories. They actually seemed to like it pretty well :)
They also walked around downtown, and visited the comic book shop & stuff. In the evening, they were trying to find some good games to play - turns out we don't own a complete deck of cards (!?!) I had thought the kids could go to the fair, but then realized the fair only started on Tuesday. Dan showed Diana a little about playing tennis, and she should him a little about fencing. I kind of felt like Monday was a little dull for Dan. :(
On Tuesday, I went to work & Connor was back in school in the morning. Lee was took the teens to the bus depot to see Daniel off. Here's a tip - if you're riding a Greyhound bus, just because you have a ticket with a time & date, doesn't mean you have a reservation for that same time & date. You have to show up at the depot and sign up for a seat. Then they go according to the list from the top down depending on how many seats were available from people disembarking. Daniel was too low on the list, so he didn't get to take that bus. He was supposed to go home on Tuesday so he could work, but he called in and his boss said he could miss the day.

So now we DID have him for Tuesday! I had read Robert's blog about geocaching, and felt like I missed an opportunity for something fun for Dan on Monday, so while Diana went to her job, Trevor, Connor, Daniel & I went and found a few caches. The first one I had already found, so I let the boys find it just so they could get used to the GPS a bit better. The second cache we'd tried to find as a family, and Trevor found that one this time. The last cache has been hard to get to since there's been construction in that area - Daniel found that one.

After Diana got home from work, we waited for my friend, Rose. She & I were going to see Sara Evans at the fair, and Trevor, Diana, Daniel & Trevor's friend Christy all caught a ride with us to the high school where the free busses were to take us to the fair. We split up at the gate & Rose & I went to get our seats. The kids did their own things and hung out & rode rides & all that stuff you do at a fair. After the concert, Rose & I headed back home. The kids took the bus after the fair closed at 11:00, and then Lee picked them up once they got back to the high school.

I was in bed, but I guess they all chatted a while before heading to bed again.

Wednesday, Lee tried to bring Dan to the bus depot again - a lot earlier. This time the bus was delayed until the afternoon. I took Dan later and once the bus came, he was able to board and finally get back on his way home. I was happy for the reprieve with him, since I think Tuesday was a lot more fun for him than Sunday or Monday had been :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Danny Boy

So the other day, Trevor is complaining that the kitchen sink won't drain properly. We have a rollaround dishwasher, and you hook it into the kitchen sink, and that's where it drains too. We didn't want to run the dishwasher until the sink would draing again.

Lee unscrewed & opened everything up under the sink, and was set up with a bucket & towels & stuff. Trevor was on the roof with the garden hose stuck in the drain vent. Diana was at the spigot, and I was outside the kitchen window to be able to relay Lee's instructions to the kids.

Lee says to crank up the water, Diana does, and Trevor hangs on to the hose in the vent. Nothing happens at the kitchen sink. But Lee hears water somewhere else (not what you want to hear). He tells me to tell Diana to shut off the water, and then I run inside to see where there's water coming up.

No sign of anything in the bathroom by the kids' rooms, nothing in the new bathroom - but in the laundry room there's a wash sink - and it's got a bunch of blackish stinky goop in it - yuck!

Now everyone heads down under the house in the daylight basement (unfinished) where the drain out plug is located. We're getting buckets & towels & stuff down there, There was wire wrapped around the y-joint (?!?), and as Lee was getting that off, he sets his wrench on the plug itself. The whole y-joint cracked & blew open. All that black stinky goop from the sink above poured over Lee and down the plastic tarp on the floor - EW!

Apparently, there had been an issue in the past with this y-joint, and they 'fixed' it by using some kind of metal soldering glue. It was not meant to be a permanent fix, obviously.

We got towels down there & buckets & whatever and Lee went down to Lowe's and grabbed the supplies he needed to fix it for the rest of the house. We won't be using the laundry room sink as a sink until he can get the rest of it fixed.

All the mess got cleaned up, and enough Oxyclean and detergent in an overnight soak got the black goop out of the towels & clothes.

The black goop is mostly decomposed hair... The lines down there are all crusted with it - probably from before we moved in, and then whatever we added. Lee wants to replace those with PVC - in the meantime, Liquid Plummer or Drano should keep it clear.

Here's the reason for the title of this post: First Line of the song

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Quick Visit

Carolyn & her family got into Oregon on Monday, and I met them down near Kraig & Nancy's ranch. They got to play with Trinity, the horse, and swim in the pool there. Connor & I got there earlier, and we saw Trinity get a bath and helped Nancy (by riding in the back of the truck) with feeding the other horses. Nancy currently owns 18 - that's about 12 too many according to her :) The barn has 20 stalls and she looks like she has a lot of boarders now :)

It took us a while to get back to our town, and I had called Lee and set it up that we'd go to Denny's for dessert after they got to their hotel room. Lee, Trevor & Diana were all home still.

Yesterday, Diana helped Carl & Carolyn go shopping, and they got to stop by my classroom which was neat. After I got off work, we packed a picnic and headed off to the big river park. I pointed things out along the drive, and then we found a shady tree once we got there and had our lunch. Connor knows the river is right there, so after a quick run through the play structure & the fort, he really wanted to go down to the beach part. Carolyn & I followed.

We helped him change into his bathing suit and off he went. He swam with the fishies and threw a bunch of rocks. Carl, Trevor & the little ones came down a little later. Everyone waded a bit except Carl & Trevor. Kaleigh & Carolyn especially enjoyed the little fish that kiss your feet.

On the way home, we stopped at Sherm's for ice cream, and then we dropped off Trevor so he could do his paper route. They all went back to the hotel & then Connor & I joined them to swim in the pool there. Connor & I went back home, and about an hour later C&C showed up at the house and the adults headed out for dinner. We went to the greek place again :) Salmon Gyros!

We spent the rest of the evening chatting & visiting. They head out early this morning for Canada - have a safe trip!!