Thursday, August 09, 2007


We had our nephew, Daniel, over to visit for a few days. His mom dropped him off on Sunday, and the kids spent time hanging out and playing the console games & stuff.
On Monday, I went to work & Connor went to school. The kids went to a World War II library opening, and got to talk to some old vets & hear their war stories. They actually seemed to like it pretty well :)
They also walked around downtown, and visited the comic book shop & stuff. In the evening, they were trying to find some good games to play - turns out we don't own a complete deck of cards (!?!) I had thought the kids could go to the fair, but then realized the fair only started on Tuesday. Dan showed Diana a little about playing tennis, and she should him a little about fencing. I kind of felt like Monday was a little dull for Dan. :(
On Tuesday, I went to work & Connor was back in school in the morning. Lee was took the teens to the bus depot to see Daniel off. Here's a tip - if you're riding a Greyhound bus, just because you have a ticket with a time & date, doesn't mean you have a reservation for that same time & date. You have to show up at the depot and sign up for a seat. Then they go according to the list from the top down depending on how many seats were available from people disembarking. Daniel was too low on the list, so he didn't get to take that bus. He was supposed to go home on Tuesday so he could work, but he called in and his boss said he could miss the day.

So now we DID have him for Tuesday! I had read Robert's blog about geocaching, and felt like I missed an opportunity for something fun for Dan on Monday, so while Diana went to her job, Trevor, Connor, Daniel & I went and found a few caches. The first one I had already found, so I let the boys find it just so they could get used to the GPS a bit better. The second cache we'd tried to find as a family, and Trevor found that one this time. The last cache has been hard to get to since there's been construction in that area - Daniel found that one.

After Diana got home from work, we waited for my friend, Rose. She & I were going to see Sara Evans at the fair, and Trevor, Diana, Daniel & Trevor's friend Christy all caught a ride with us to the high school where the free busses were to take us to the fair. We split up at the gate & Rose & I went to get our seats. The kids did their own things and hung out & rode rides & all that stuff you do at a fair. After the concert, Rose & I headed back home. The kids took the bus after the fair closed at 11:00, and then Lee picked them up once they got back to the high school.

I was in bed, but I guess they all chatted a while before heading to bed again.

Wednesday, Lee tried to bring Dan to the bus depot again - a lot earlier. This time the bus was delayed until the afternoon. I took Dan later and once the bus came, he was able to board and finally get back on his way home. I was happy for the reprieve with him, since I think Tuesday was a lot more fun for him than Sunday or Monday had been :)


Anonymous said...

In the first picture, the two boys look like twins. Does Dan look a lot like Trevor, or is it just the angle?

Tina said...

They look a lot like each other. Everyone who meets Dan says, boy, you can really tell they're cousins!