Thursday, August 23, 2007

In my home country

I took the kids to visit my folks with me in Canada. We left home Saturday & arrived here Saturday night. It took from 6:30 am to 8:00ish pm to get here this time. I wasn't in any big hurry, and we take rest stops as needed (usually every 3 hours or so).

The border crossing into Canada was way easy. We drove right up - in fact, it was so quick I didn't even have our papers ready & had to dig them out. Usually when Lee is driving I have them on my lap and ready to hand over. The line back into the States looked a bit daunting though. People were out of their cars, engines off, in a really long line. I may try to cross as a less populated area, just so we aren't going thru the main I-5 way. We can take the 97 and go along until there's a pass back over to the 5.

My dad is in the hospital again. He has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and he had just had some kind of something that made his white blood cell count shoot up again. You're supposed to have 20ish as your base line with those (however large the sample - I'm not sure). They admitted him when it was at 80. Since I've been here, it's been anywhere between 200 (!!!) and 130. It had been going down. He wound up with Thrush in the hospital, which is painful blisters in your mouth. That makes it painful to eat, of course. He's already lost 10 pounds while he's been there, so we're all working to help him 1) get better, 2) eat more. I've seen him every day, and of course so has my mom.

Yesterday, Diana took the laptop and her photos from Germany and showed him 300+ pictures from her trip. That was a long visit, but he really seemed to enjoy it. We brought him Reader's Digests to read, but he's already gone thru all of those. My mom is trying to buy him a few more mystery novels today. I guess he likes National Geographics as well, and I could have brought a ton of those, if I'd have known. Oh well.

My mom & I have been walking in the mornings around the new development that's just expanding all the time. It sure is cool. It's called Kettle Valley, but I couldn't find any decent images to put up on the web. I'll just have to put on my own pics later. Connie & I had dinner at the bar & grill there yesterday. Very nice & just a quick walk from Connie's house.

We also went to the beach yesterday. Connor really wanted to go. The first time I dropped T & D off at the extremely messy fire-hazardy comic shop & I took him to the Apple beach (there's a big apple-shaped food booth there). Then I got the kids, picked up mom from the hospital & we went back to the house. In the afternoon, I dropped Diana off with Catherine to visit my dad, and Mikael, Trevor & Connor & I went to the beach near the hospital. Today Connor hasn't asked for the beach yet, but we'll go this evening after Connie is off work.

Today I'm going to make current jelly. My dad has a couple of current bushes that are just loaded with berries. Connor has been eating all the blackberries - my dad has a thornless bush which is really nice. This afternoon I'll probably go visit with my dad again.

Saturday morning we'll head home again.

Any prayers for my dad are very appreciated! I'll update again once I'm home (with pictures!).


keeka said...

good post! Thanks for the info earlier by the way. Dad is a fighter and I hope he is not in too much pain with those mouth sores. Have a great rest of your vacation and I will be looking forward to a nice long post like mine, heehee
love ya sis, big hug to Dad and Mom from me and the family ok?

- Rob said...

Best wishes to your dad and family. I'm sure having you and the kids there is a good pick-me-up!

Safe travels back home this weekend and good luck finding a shorter border crossing back to where you are an alien. :-)

mary said...

nae graduates next week...just so you know. :]

and i thought i would buy her a singing card. :]