Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Dad's in the hospital

He was there the whole time we visited. We were obviously hoping he'd be coming home, but it didn't happen.

Canadian medical care is government-supported. This trip, however, I saw commercials for supplementary insurance. They don't have dental covered and other medical stuff, for instance.

The hospitals are really bare minimum when it comes to the "luxuries" we get in the States. You have to pay extra for TV, radio & phone. My dad has a cell he keeps with him, and he's been doing a lot of reading. Still, no TV!

When Diana brought the laptop to show her Opa the photos from her trip, she said there was internet available there. I guess that's what I'd do if someone were stuck long-term there. I couldn't leave my laptop with my dad tho :(

The other kind of scary thing was the lack of beds. We would pass 2-5 patients with their hospital beds just up against a wall in the hallways on the way to my dad's room. I just felt really bad for these poor folks in their hospital gowns, having to have blood drawn and whatever right there in the hallway. I've heard that happens in the States too, though not any hospitals I've ever visited or was a patient in.

At least the nurses weren't on strike this time...

Connor now knows the difference between "hospital" and "hotel." He was a little confused about it before. He also said, "Opa - he's coming home soon. It's time to go. Go home." I don't think he himself was uncomfortable in the hospital, but he could definitely see my dad wasn't very happy there.

We're praying Opa is well enough to come home very soon.


Tina said...

Connor's wish has been granted! My mom just called to let me know she brought my dad home this afternoon - w00t!!!

She made him a snack using the currant jelly I'd made while I was there. :)

Thanks for the prayers & good wishes!

- Rob said...

Well placed wish, Connor!