Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wine Tasting

Well, here I am on my little summer vacation before school starts again. It's short this year since I worked summer school. That's okay tho, it was a good thing - Connor was in school at the same time anyway.

I got a call from my friend, Rose yesterday. She wanted to get together this week and do something. I had been thinking about visiting a winery (seeing as how we have a bunch all around us), and I'd never been to the Henry Estate, even though every time I go to a place where there are samples, Henry Estate's wine is my favorite.

Anyhoo - we wound up heading out together around noon to go and check it out. We stopped for some Taco Bell first though, since neither of us had had much breakfast, and we were going tasting, after all!

I know the dry wines are the "better" wines, but I like sweeter stuff. Not quite grape juice, but definitely on the fruitier side is my preference. We went ahead and tried dry and sweet though. All the wines have a very nice "nose" with a good "body" and were very flavorful. Rose & I didn't pretend we knew what we were doing with the tasting though. The guy serving us helped us along with understanding what we were trying to taste :)

I also loved the grapevines hanging over the porch out front. And that little blue Hot Wheel is Rose's car. :)
We're going to the concert in the park tonight...

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keeka said...

Sounds like fun, you would be a much better person to go with me than Connie, she likes the reds and I like...well you know the joke but I like the sweeter whites also. It doesn't seem like the fruitier sweeter wines are the more hoity toity wines tho. Reds seem to be the upper crusty wines.
But it looked very nice there!