Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Quick Visit

Carolyn & her family got into Oregon on Monday, and I met them down near Kraig & Nancy's ranch. They got to play with Trinity, the horse, and swim in the pool there. Connor & I got there earlier, and we saw Trinity get a bath and helped Nancy (by riding in the back of the truck) with feeding the other horses. Nancy currently owns 18 - that's about 12 too many according to her :) The barn has 20 stalls and she looks like she has a lot of boarders now :)

It took us a while to get back to our town, and I had called Lee and set it up that we'd go to Denny's for dessert after they got to their hotel room. Lee, Trevor & Diana were all home still.

Yesterday, Diana helped Carl & Carolyn go shopping, and they got to stop by my classroom which was neat. After I got off work, we packed a picnic and headed off to the big river park. I pointed things out along the drive, and then we found a shady tree once we got there and had our lunch. Connor knows the river is right there, so after a quick run through the play structure & the fort, he really wanted to go down to the beach part. Carolyn & I followed.

We helped him change into his bathing suit and off he went. He swam with the fishies and threw a bunch of rocks. Carl, Trevor & the little ones came down a little later. Everyone waded a bit except Carl & Trevor. Kaleigh & Carolyn especially enjoyed the little fish that kiss your feet.

On the way home, we stopped at Sherm's for ice cream, and then we dropped off Trevor so he could do his paper route. They all went back to the hotel & then Connor & I joined them to swim in the pool there. Connor & I went back home, and about an hour later C&C showed up at the house and the adults headed out for dinner. We went to the greek place again :) Salmon Gyros!

We spent the rest of the evening chatting & visiting. They head out early this morning for Canada - have a safe trip!!



Lee said...

Fun visit but much to short. Even one more day would have been much more fun.

- Rob said...

Are you sure that those aren't little pirhanas in that last photo that just haven't grown big enough teeth yet to take a bite?

Anyway, sounds like a good visit!

keeka said...

Hey, you didn't mention the spider that dropped on me in the greek place, next time Italian, or Mexican even, especially if there are no spiders! Yikes!