Thursday, August 30, 2007

Update on Renee

She survived "battlestations" where they are kept up for over 30-something hours doing exercises and who knows what (well, I suppose other Navy people know).
I was hoping she'd be able to come and visit before shipping out to the next place, but per the phone call with Mary, she's headed over right after graduation.
At least at the next place she should have internet again. She's also promised pictures :) This one is from camp a couple of years ago - hee.
Way to go Renee!! We're so proud of you! Have a great graduation and email me soon! *hugs* :)


mary said...

shecalled me again today butonly for a few minutes, and i guess her mom and grandma flew out to go to her graduation. :) so she is doing great, and she graduated today about noon her time i think.

Tina said...


Anonymous said...

well actually it was my mom and mr gradnPa lol...but i made it....battlestations sucked hard core....but here is am dun dun nae