Thursday, August 30, 2007

At the Lake

Lake Okanagan is really deep. So deep, in fact, it has it's own lake monster - the Ogopogo. Here's more on that: Wikipedia article
We didn't see Ogopogo this time either...
Connor always spends most of his time in the water. He loves the lake. There are nice, sandy beaches, and plenty of stuff to look at over the water.
Trevor is all about the sand castles. He is constantly constructing and designing stuff.
Diana was only going to read, but she couldn't resist the lure of the water either. I couldn't convince her to change out of her jeans tho (?!?)
I think I might have gotten a very slight tan on my legs. I didn't have to swim this time though - the water was too cold for my tastes anyway.

The ice cream truck drives thru the parking lot and Diana HAD to get this Danny Phantom popsicle. Connor likes vanilla, so he got the ice cream sandwich. Trevor & I got the same. Ice cream trucks are just fun. We don't have any making the rounds at home anymore, so I like to buy from them when we get a chance.


keeka said...

Well, sounds like despite Dad being in the hospital, you all had a decent time. I can't believe Dad will be 80 in about a month! I haven't even really thought of the trip! Whew!
Anywhoo, glad to see you enjoyed your trip up!

mary said...

well...i love that picture.

enough said.