Monday, August 13, 2007

Fair Food

We went as a family to the Fair on Saturday. I'll put some photos up in the next entry, but I was just thinking about the food today. A lot of people around here go to the fair, just for the food!
A lot of our local restaurants set up a booth for fair week. In the past, the Greek restaurant was a favorite of ours, but the owner has had so much business at the actual restaurant, he didn't want to do the booth this year. It tends to be the newer restaurants that are still trying to get regular clientele. They will try new stuff at the fair, just to see how it goes over before adding it to their menu.
Or it's brand-new booths, just trying out an idea for a restaurant. Or it's just folks that travel along with the ride company, and that's their summer. I suspect the Curly Fries (as big as your head!) & Lemonade stands are like that.
Other booths are fund-raisers for local groups. The Lions Club gets to use the Umpqua Ice Cream booth & gets part of the proceeds. The Boy Scouts sell water & sodas at their booth (they also had an oscillating fan that sprayed water, which was really nice in the heat!).
There were also local wineries with booths - I sampled that on Tuesday before the concert I attended with my friend, Rose - dinner was ice cream that night :)
Diana went to the fair 4 times this year. With Daniel on Tuesday, as a Girl Scout to volunteer with me on Wednesday, again to volunteer but also hang out with Mary on Thursday, and then with all of us on Saturday. She was using her own money for food except Saturday, so she scoped out all the booths for the best prices. She found out caramel apples were the best price near the rides ($2.50). At the food court area, they were as much as $4.00! Her favorite place for selection & price was called the "Inner Space Cafe." This may have been a booth trying to see if they can make it as a restaurant. It was mostly salads & wraps and they had the best veggie options for us. To make it even better, they had a mic and amp set up and you could Sing for your Supper! If you got up there & sang a song (no music or anything) they just gave you your order for free!
Diana & Mary sang two songs - the first they thought was a jingle so they didn't count it (it talks about Taco Bell), but the second was a GS action song and they happily got their free food! See? Girl Scouting gets you free food! How else would you be able to sing "Stay on the Sunny Side" in perfect unison?
Lee & I could have sung as well, but he didn't wanna. The sauteed mushroom wrap I had was pretty tasty tho :)


Myrna said...

A big part of the fair is the food!! Just can't get those items anywhere else. Daniel very much enjoyed all of his time with you all. Even the Monday you thought was dull, remember he pretty much lives as an only child--and things are usually awfully quiet around here. His comment was, "it's just nice to be around family my age".
I seems strange to me to see him referred to as 'Dan' even his friends call him Daniel--but I asked, and he really has no preference. Thanks again for having him. And Congrats to Lee on the new job---We are so grateful for the quick resolution to that problem.
Love ya

Tina said...

I tend to abbreviate a bit, especially when blogging - I'm gonna blame Lee tho. He calls him "Dan" more than the rest of us :) I guess we're just lazy - heh.

Of course, Lee also refers to our own kids as "the boy" "the girl" and "the nipper" - make what you will of that :)

keeka said...

so that is where Carl got if from! I had forgotten about that!
"Check out what 'the boy' is doing!" Heehee, how funny that they both do that!

Lee said...

Not sure exactly how I got around to calling him Dan as well. In my mind he looks like a Dan...