Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Marybo

Looks like she's about to tempt some poor sap into doing something he shouldn't, eh?

J/K - we love you Mary!

Isn't Girl Scouts fun? You get to carry around massive snakes on loan from the local wildlife park! Wheeeeeee!
Diana, see what Mary had to do for fun while you were gone? And poor Amanda made a quick exit as soon as the snakes showed up I heard :P


me. said...

that snake was heavy.

keeka said...

Hey isn't that the same snake Britney Spears used in her act?
Ewwwww! Not the snake, Britney...poor snake.

Tina said...

Why do you even know what Britney Spears is doing in her acts?
Inquiring minds want to know!

(since Tivo, I don't watch news, infotainment, Extra, or whatever celebrity stuff comes up).

I'm back to the ol' newspaper! Where they have stuff about local events & sometimes my kids/students/girl scouts, etc. :)