Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy 18th Birthday, Trevor!

It was a little low-key. After all, we were at OIT on his actual birthday. We got home in the evening, and he wasn't really hungry to go out or anything, so we stayed home & he played Warcraft for the evening.

On Saturday, his friend, Kyle, stopped by. Kyle just graduated with him, and he's moving to California. He gave Trevor his Nintendo Game Cube as a gift, since he expects to be working and going to school. Trevor will be too, but the Game Cube can stay here... They should keep in touch via email just fine.

Later on, Trevor's friend Christy came over. Lee, Connor, Trevor & Christy all went to see Ratattouie, while I stayed home to bake the cake & do my other house stuff. When they all got back from the movie, we had pizza & crazy bread, and then the kids played on the game system a little more. We had the cake with ice cream later, and then Trevor walked Christy home.

As I said, kind of low-key, but then again, he just had a big celebration for graduation, and everyone was just here. On Monday, Connie & her family will arrive, and her son, Mikael has his birthday today - we'll do another cake with ice cream & celebrate the 4th of July together.

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keeka said...

Happy Birthday, again, Trevor!
Cake looks yummy dude! Looking forward to seeing you all when we come up!
Love you!