Friday, July 20, 2007

Diana's blog

We are allowing Diana to do a blog, but it's by invite.

She has already gone thru her address book, but if you haven't yet gotten & invite & would like one, let me know & I'll have her add you to the "safe list."

At this time we're having her only allow people she knows personally.

Later, when she's older, she can change settings & stuff. Since she's going to have pictures & names, we just would prefer it be private for friends & family right now.

Last time I googled my name it just had me with a few newspaper articles from the local paper here. Nothing was connected to the blog since I avoid using last names for anyone.

Anyhoo - that's the haps!


Diana's blog


Rocky said...

may we be invited?

Tina said...

Sure! I'll send her your addy!

Anonymous said...

go the video...

and also...

add me to dianas blog...its mary.


Martina said...

Please tell her we are intresting to read her blog.