Thursday, July 05, 2007


There's a new post from Leonie's dad this time :)

On Friday, they head out to Gummersbach, my mom's hometown, to visit with my 2nd cousin, Gerhard. Leonie's folks are going along as well, and I hope they all have a great time visiting!

I've been there a few times myself. My Onkel Gert loved to take us around, or his friend, Bernd-Udo. We would go to nearby Lieberhausen to eat the special pancakes (they were massive, filled with meringue).

Have fun Diana! Tell them you're Kleins Diana!


keeka said...

wow, brings back memories huh?
I am not showing the link to the Germany blog, so I will have to try back later.
For some reason, none of the links that are usually there, are there!
None of the archive stuff either.
Just the left side of the blog is there. Any clue as to why?

Tina said...

Your page didn't refresh correctly. They are all there on mine.

Might be something with high volume on Blogger right now?