Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 4th of July, continued

For Trevor & Mikael, there was a little competition between fireworks - they wrestled (altho it really looks like dancing, doesn't it?) and then they did a little "how many steps on the retaining wall before I fall off backward" contest too.

The sparklers were a hit. These little things are nowhere near as sparkly as the old kind. It's more difficult to burn yourself on these.
Our neighbor who likes to go way overboard on buying fireworks decided to go somewhere else (!!!) and while we had some, it wasn't the display that goes past midnight this year (I guess that was a good thing).
Our local Jaycees didn't mention their lack of money for a big show in the park, no one knew to donate, so no big show this year (yes - the whole town was in an uproar). But people tend to like fireworks anyway, so we just had a lot more illegal fireworks in the sky - they sneak them in from Washington State. We could see most of them from our house, which is not the case with the Jaycees fireworks, so it worked for us!


keeka said...

yes, it looks a lot like dancing...what were you thinking, sister? Poor guys! And you are going to have to elaborate on the falling off backward game, what is up with that? It looks again like they are learning a dance.
You take weird photos, Tean Bean!

Tina said...

Oh yeah? Wait till you see the next post!