Thursday, July 12, 2007


We had a nice thunderstorm yesterday. It was especially nice since the weather had been really hot lately. 103 degrees hot.
The evening before, I'd seen lightning flashes, but no thunder or rain. Last night it started around dusk (7:30ish) and we got lots of big, booming thunder & great zig zag lightning flashes.
Connor spent most of the storm watching out this window, which actually has a pretty good view of town. This was a better place than his first choice to watch - sitting on his swing on the apple tree. :)


keeka said...

I wish we would get a thunderstorm! It is still pretty muggy here which is unusual. I like dry weather if it going to be hot! But good for you! Hope it is over tho, before Connie stops by! Oh bummer! I forgot to give her stuff for you!! Sigh...forgetfulness strikes again!

Tina said...

It was only the one day. It's overcast now, which is fine. I like overcast mornings. Then I feel like I can do stuff in the house without "missing" the nice weather. ;)