Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Connie & Co as company!

Last night, my sister Connie arrived with her 3 kiddos & a friend.

I had to work today, but after I got off from work, we took the boys (Mikael, Aaron & Connor) on a hike to Fall Creek Falls. Connie liked the hike because there's a nice end to the hike (coming in, a waterfall; going out, your car).

The boys enjoyed the water and the trail. It's just a short one - less than a mile - but it's a neat little hike up to the falls & then easy going back down to get to your car again.

Then after dinner tonight, we baptised our new firepit with... well, fire! After a smoky start (the kindling wasn't dry enough) we got the wood going pretty well and everyone ate their fill of marshmallows - including Liberty, our dog. After a while, she just started burying the marshmallows. I don't know if she was trying to hide the fact she didn't like them, or if she actually wanted to eat them later - She kept begging for them!

Fun stuff! Tomorrow we'll have fireworks & eat watermelon, and all will be well!


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