Sunday, July 22, 2007

Busy with Harry

Diana will probably get to her blog on Monday....

On Friday, she & I went to see Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. I love the movies - I am hoping someone will turn them into a TV series though. You've got a good 6-year run (combine books 1 & 2 because they're shorter than the rest). So much is left out of the movies, because there just isn't enough time to get it all in. Especially Peeves.

The movies get all the important stuff across, but I miss the rest of it.

Diana attended the final Harry Potter party at our Waldenbooks on Friday night, after we saw the movie. She hung out with a bunch of friends and enjoyed herself enough that she didn't realize it was already midnight (and forgot to call me to tell me she already had a ride).

We had already ordered the final book from Amazon, so it came yesterday while we were visiting Lee's folks. As soon as we got home, Diana got the book & started in. She is easily the fastest reader in the house, so she gets first dibs. Trevor & Lee tend to 'share' the book, and then when they are done, it's my turn.

We all have to read it as fast as possible, so we can discuss it later :)

Connor isn't at the place yet where he can read books that long - he could read the words fine, but the comprehension isn't there. We haven't read to him much - he's a visual kind of kid - but he may be getting close to a point where he would lay still at bedtime and try to envision the story - not sure on that yet.

Anyway - until Diana finishes the book, she's not doing much else! She should be done today :)


keeka said...

read, read, read! Get it read so I can borrow it Kiesters! Heehee
I am looking forward to reading the final book, but I dread it too.
I agree with you Tina that there would be a really awesome market for a tv series. Who knows, maybe?
Anyway, don't give me any hints ok?

Rocky said...

I get to read it once Sue Finishes it...So Diana is not available for gainful odd job work until she finishes? LOL j/k
Oh, I have it on good authority that they DON'T find Patrick Duffy in the shower at the end of the book :P

Tina said...

It's Lee's turn now. Diana finished it early Sunday and handed off to Trevor, who finished by 10:00pm. Lee took it to work so he could read on his break time.

Diana will be starting back with her job today. Trevor is still working for us since he hasn't looked for a paying job - oh well!