Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 4th of July

Quick note - we got an email from Diana from the Berlin train station (apparently they have a lot of little internet kiosks), and she also called today from Leonie's house again. She's still having a great time, and is happy she gets to stay in one place now - especially now that she's back with Leonie & her family :)

Today we didn't have summer school (obviously) so we all relaxed a bit more this morning. Over coffee & scrambled eggs (thanks Lee!) we worked out a shopping list for things needed for today & Connie's trip. And they had to get fireworks! I stayed home and baked a sheet cake for Trevor & Mikael's combined birthdays. I also got the dutch oven ready to use in the fire pit!

After Connie & Lee got back from shopping, we made a picnic lunch and went off to do another hike to a different waterfall. This one is called Susan Creek, and it's a very easy trail, but it's a little longer - almost a mile to the waterfall. Once we got there, we let the kids all take off their shoes & socks and play in the cold snowmelt water. They scrambled over the rocks, caught little fish & crawdads and had a great time.

We needed to get Trevor home in time to do his paper route, so we headed out again a couple of hours later. Lee was helping, and had Liberty go with him to deliver the papers. Wednesdays Trevor also has to deliver the free "Extra" paper, so he did that part with Mikael.

Trevor also introduced Catherine & Mikael to "Magic, The Gathering" cards, so Connie took them to a store to get some cards for her kids. They've all been nice and quiet battling with their cards ever since!

I did have to ask them to stop to pick apples from the tree out back, because I needed them for the dessert. And Connie had them help with getting the silk out of the corn ears so we could bbq those as well.

I made an Apple Crisp in the dutch oven, that everyone seemed to like pretty well. Lee cooked up the garden burgers in the house, and Connie and I hung out outside with the corn ears. They didn't cook as well on the grill - they did better directly on the coals - Lee figured that out.

Now we're waiting for it to get dark enough that the fireworks are a good display. The boys are cleaning the kitchen, and Catherine is helping her mom pack their car. They will head out for Santa Rosa first thing in the morning.


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