Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Lee!

First off, I didn't make either cake...

The night elf here is pretty fun though, if I were talented enough to create something like that. Somehow, I think Lee would prefer a version of his current highest level, which is a troll - Happy Birt-day, Mon!

The second cake is called a "princess cake" and European bakeries make them. It's covered in Marzipan, which would be a big hit with us anyway. However, we live in a small town, and don't have many options beyond the grocery store variety of bought cakes. I'm afraid a little pastry shop would just not get the clientele they'd need to survive here - at least not at this time.

I'm actually hard pressed to think of something that Lee would want for his birthday that he'd get really excited about. He's really kind of a homebody - he enjoys being with his family and just relaxing. He's probably looking forward more to the new Dr. Who episode tonight than anything else. I think he's pretty happy with life in general - and so it should be a good birthday, huh?

Happy Birthday hon!

Love you!


keeka said...

Ok, so you never said where the cakes were from? Did you buy them? Are they just photos from the internet? Why is Lee's name on the one with Marzipan if you can't get it? Too many questions left unanswered!

Happy Birthday, Lee!
You get your present when we get there! Love ya!

Tina said...

I did google images "birthday cake Lee" and those are some of the ones that came up. :)

keeka said...

Thank you!

Happy Birthday Lee! Again!

Rocky said...

Happy Birthday LEE!!!!!!!!!

- Rob said...

I actually thought about Lee's birthday today too. For some reason, his is one of those dates that sticks in my memory. Your's too Tina. There are a lot of others that I can't remember if I try (sorry Shoo, I know it is mid-November sometime). The brain is just odd that way I guess.

As for presents, I find that getting time to play with what I already have is a very precious gift!

Happy Birthday, Lee!