Saturday, July 14, 2007

Keeka - Don't show the kids

Hey - after you get all the dead bugs out of the pool, it becomes a bouncy pool!

Connie & I were trying to bounce Connor & Aaron off the sides. Connor was really good at holding on, though I suspect Aaron was letting himself be bounced off.

This pool is in it's second year which is really good for a end-of-the-season sale pool from Big Lots! We managed to fold it right & store it so it wasn't all icky the next year this time.

Connie & crew came in yesterday around 3:30. We did Subway for dinner (Connie agreed that that the Salmon 2 sandwich is fantastic - I'm so glad it's back available only in the Northwest).

We introduced Connie & her kids to YouTube's "Rejected Cartoons" so all the way home today she's going to hear, "My spoon is too big!" and "I'm a BANANA!" Sorry Connie!!

They left good & early this morning for the last leg of their trip. I made Rice Krispie Treats last night & packed them in baggies this morning. They had never had the homemade ones (!?!) and Connor will eat whatever is left.

Safe driving Connie! Thanks for visiting!



keeka said...

ah, my kids are more interested with the water IN the pool! But what an attractive shot of you and Connie! Hehe. I am glad she and the kids had such a good time! I don't think the kids will get on her nerves too much with the cartoon stuff, after all we had to sit through, "poor poor Roddy, flushed down his own potty etc" probably about 100 times while they were here! Ack!

Tina said...

Well, they would have played in the pool, except we didn't get a chance to refill it after Lee was dumping the water with all the bugs on top of Connor. I didn't have pick any off him, so I guess it was okay...

And Connie and I already had 2 glasses of wine by the time we were on the edge of the pool bouncing. We had the red, AND the wine! :P

keeka said...

hahaha! You are soooooo funny!
Man, that one is going to hang around me forever huh?