Monday, July 02, 2007

Lee's Weekend Project

First off, Diana is in Berlin right now. She got a tour of Lueneburg on Sunday, then on Monday the American students headed back to the train for a 3-day visit to Berlin. After THAT, she stays with her host family until she heads home. She's really enjoying herself! Check her Host Mom's blog for photos! ---------->

Sometime over the Winter, a tree in our backyard fell. I didn't even realize it (it's from the way back part of the yard that's very wild), but Lee did. It was already dead from some little critters that have eating away on it. Lee had Trevor cut the tree in to chunks & pieces. They got loaded into a wheel barrow and were just out there in the yard.

I had been thinking about a fire pit, like to use for roasting marshmallows & possibly cooking some salmon - or even having a place to cook burgers for our meat-eating friends! I gave Lee the idea I was thinking of, and he did it this weekend.

First he excavated a good-size hole in the grass where we wanted the pit to be. Then he made it level again by putting in river rock & pea gravel. Then the upper layer is sand. He stacked the retaining wall blocks - very nice & level!

And here's the finished product - ready to use!

Thanks Lee! It looks great!


- Rob said...

That is one awesome looking firepit! It would also be a good place to do some Dutch Oven cooking!

Renee said...

WOW! a fire pit! that is soooo coool! i wish i could see it and hang ut there before i leave though :(( i miss you guys already...

Lee said...

Rob, we have a dutch oven and I have been wanting to try Diana's award winning main dishes and the Dr. Pepper cake.

Renee, even if you cant make it out before you ship out, your welcome to come by each and every leave you get.
Your always welcome.

keeka said...

Very nice Lee! Can't wait to roast marshmellows! Kaleigh and Cole love marshmellows, roasted or not! See you soon!