Friday, July 13, 2007

Link to Amanda's 411

Amanda has been in my scout troop since I started as a leader, but I met her when she was in 1st grade (2nd?) with Diana. I was working as an aide in the classroom. Diana had been wanting to be in Girl Scouts, but we hadn't found a troop. Amanda had been in scouts since Daisies (Kindergarten), so she told Diana about her troop, and that's how Diana got in.

They were in Brownies together, and then when they went to Juniors, the leader there only volunteered as a leader for one more year - then her daughter was moving on to a different troop. That left Diana, Amanda & Heather without a leader, so that's when I took over (now in my 8th and final year!).

I love Amanda. She's got great confidence and talent (bari-sax player & bowling champ). She's very outgoing and always willing to try something new. She takes a stand, and doesn't back down. If she's your friend - she's always there for you. I expect Amanda & Diana to be forever friends, no matter where life takes them. I hope to be part of whatever happens to all my scout girls anyway :)

I don't have Photoshop loaded anymore on this system, so I just did a little editing on the photo. If you look close, there are red circles around me, Amanda & Diana. I was pregnant with Connor at this time :)

The link to Amanda's 411 is on the right :)

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