Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oregon Institute of Technology

First off - I added the link on the right for Diana's Host Mom :) There are new photos already of Leonie waiting at the train station, Diana arriving, shopping & dinner. Wheee!

Back on topic - On Thursday & Friday, Trevor & I went to Klamath Falls to visit the OIT campus. He registered for classes, got his dorm assignment and we sat thru a bunch of Q&A sessions, as well as the financial stuff and general info about OIT. We also drove around K. Falls a bit to check it out. We didn't figure out where the Taco Bells were until after we got back to the room & looked it up.

The campus has various architectural styles. The College Union was where we spent most of our time. It has the food court (with a Subway), as well as the main cafeteria, a bistro and plenty of seating. It also houses the Bookstore, Post Office, the main auditorium, various other meeting rooms/classrooms and the Outdoor Club stuff. The Dean of Students has her office there as well. It's a cool, techy looking building.

The library/Center for Learning was designed by the same guy who built my high school, apparently. I'd have to look it up, but I felt like I'd turned a corner and walked into Ocean View H.S. It was almost creepy! Big ol' cement blocks suspended invisibly with wood accents. Not my favorite style, but okay. My HS was built in 1976. I was in the first graduating class.

The altitude in K. Falls was noticeable when we climbed stairs. It's high desert (elev. 4340), and in Winter it will be VERY cold. As I'm not a big fan of Winter driving, we will most likely have Trevor take the train to Eugene, and then we'll get him from there. The I-5 is almost always open, and if we have some fluke storm that closes us down, we have some friends there that he could bunk with until we could get him.

It was a 3-hour drive to get there - same length of time as going to Portland. Lots of open country, mountains, views of snow-capped peaks, and then Klamath Lake.

I think he's going to like it there. :)

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keeka said...

wow, what a coinkidink! It does have that same blocky jail like look, in that one photo that is...
Looks like a good place to learn to me!
Go get em' Trevor, and Happy Birthday yesterday!!!
We were driving from Vegas yesterday, so sorry for no phone call!!!
Love you all!