Tuesday, June 26, 2007


These are Bing cherries. Very sweet and tasty.

I went out this morning and it took me about 1/2 hour to get 9 pounds. They were $1/pound (vs. $2.99/lb in the store).

Connor's not a big fan of these for some reason, but Trevor loves them.

If the family manages to get through the 9 pounds in a couple of days, I'll go out again next week and get more. I like to freeze these for later, because they are nice to eat frozen.

The other popular cherries here are the Rainier cherries. Those are more tart, and they also call them "pie" cherries. If I want to do some canning, it would be the Rainiers I'd get.

No news yet from Diana, but I got an email from Leonie's mom, and they are all excited about Diana arriving at their place on Saturday. I think she's in Munich right now -- hopefully taking lots of pictures!

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