Thursday, June 28, 2007

ROAD Event at OIT

Trevor & I are driving to Klamath Falls today to get him ready to attend OIT in the Fall. We'll stay in the dorms (whee!) and it starts at 12:30 with Check In.

They'll break everyone into groups, and then the groups go thru different sessions like Testing, Advising Appointments, Financial Aid. Then there's time for dinner (Taco Bell - w00t!)

In the evening, there's a Student & Family Dessert Social and then a Student Success Session (?) Tomorrow things get going at 8:00 am with Info & Question/Answer Sessions. Then we do the actual online registration, online billing and the wrap-up.

Then there's a BBQ lunch until 1:30, and then we're done! The bookstore, Financial Aid office and all that stuff will be open and available while we're there.

That just seems like so much more than when I went & stood in line for hours at Cal State Fullerton...

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