Thursday, June 28, 2007

Email from Diana!!!

She comes across a little excited.. I'm glad her feet are doing okay. We were told to make sure they had good shoes because you can't do much if you can't walk!

I'm actually at OIT in the library, and I wasn't able to do a happy dance when I saw we finally got an email. Trevor is taking his placement test at the moment, so I'm messing around in the library. I'm thinking of getting him a nice vest & jacket from the bookstore - he turns 18 tomorrow, and it would make a nice present.

Yay Diana! (P.S. She is perfectly capable of using capital letters - this is just how they all write nowadays. I blame texting on the cells).

HI MOM!!!!! i am using an internet booth! it is just like a phone booth, but better! i luv you!! i am gonna call too, really soon! so u may get an answering machine message from me! my legs are sore :P tylenol is great. i have made some friends... the ubahn is soooo crowded! i luv u! tell everyone i said hi! love ,Diana!

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keeka said...

you're right, she does sound very excited! Don't think that is going to change for a while, at least until she gets a little homesick! Glad she is having fun!