Sunday, March 02, 2008

Whoops! Sorry Tim!

We sent Tim a trial account for WoW, which he tried out tonight, I guess. We added him on our "friends" list so we could see when he got online.

Lee saw him online with his Grasp character a little before we were supposed to meet up with Shoo & Robert.

Tim just popped in & out again after a quick "Yo." In the meantime, Lee switched characters to play with Shoo & Robert. We were doing player vs. player, and a lot of text scrolls by so we missed Tim popping in again :(

I don't know if Tim knows our other character names.

If not, please add these to your friends list, Tim:

Tina's are - Keight, Suella, Wamoo, Driala & Porttal

Lee's are - Tuuk, Pillopants, Grasp, Citibank and Zaluu

Shoo's are - Gorlach and Jimmyjoe (those are the ones I know).

Robert has Boans.

Hopefully next time you log in, it won't look like no one is around?


Anonymous said... publicly posted that? lol just kidding at least ur having fun my sup. wants me to play on WOW? ha! anyway!!! love nae

Tina said...

Seriously, if you had voice chat, you & Diana could team up and spend some time in game.

Over 10 MILLION people play this game cause it's FUN.