Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break - Thursday

This morning Trevor & I took my dad to have his Hemoglobin "booster" done - that's a 3-hour drip while he rests in a bed at the hospital. It helps with the cancer and gives him a little more energy. After that was done, we went to Denny's for a nice lunch. And it snowed those little snow pellets again while we were there.

Trevor & I did a little shopping while we waited. Diana wanted a specific book from a collectables shop in Kelowna - the fire hazard store. They have great stuff, it's just that it's stacked everywhere in no particular order!

In the afternoon, I grabbed all the kids for a geocache again. I still had a travel bug to drop somewhere & I needed a big enough cache. This one is on Okanagan Mountain (which should have been a clue). The drive was the shortest distance from my folk's neighborhood, however the HIKE was at least a MILE through all the burned area from a few years ago.

This cache was in an ammo box, and hidden in rocks, so it survived the fire! I let Mike use the GPS, and it was Catherine that found the cache. The coords were about 20 feet off, so I was surprised we actually found it! And it was a ways off the trail, and we had to trek over mountainside to get back to the trail again! Luckily, there wasn't anything more dangerous than deer droppings :)

We wound up a little late getting back, and Connie was all ready to go out with me & my dad while Trevor & Omi had a nice dinner together at home. Connie recently got a nice bonus and we were celebrating. It was a great last evening out before heading home.

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Lee said...

I'm very glad Tina and Trevor got a chance to have a nice visit.

I am always glad when they get home safe.