Sunday, March 09, 2008

Too Busy

I could use a vacation, I think. I seem to have a bazillion things I need to do buzzing around in my head.

Spring Break is coming up, but it will be filled up with house & yard stuff, I'm sure. Plus until Lee is working, we're not driving anywhere unless it's really necessary. So we missed Kraig's & Nancy's b-day celebrations :(

Keep those positive thoughts coming on a new job for Lee soon! Until then, we'll keep plugging away...


Anonymous said...

lol yes another thing i can totally comment on...anyway sorry ur so busy....i know how u feel i should be studying for my SAT's but instead i am reading ur blog and commenting.....i know i hate growing up....u send the cookies? i will be at work wednesday i get off about 5:30 in my room by 6 so if there's a meeting give me a ring....cookies? love nae

Tina said...

I ran out of packing tape... We will get it today before or after church & Lee will send them out on Monday - Promise!!!

(yet another thing I didn't get done on Saturday...*sigh*)