Monday, March 10, 2008

No Train Service

So yesterday I'm going to reserve Trevor's seat on the "Coast Starlight" train from K. Falls to Eugene. Even though I know I have the right station names & numbers, it won't get to the schedule to reserve the seat.

Finally I see there's an alert in red just above the part of the screen I've been focussed on. "Due to mudslides, the Coast Starlight will be unavailable from Sacramento to Portland until April."


So rather than the 4-hour ride to Eugene, Trevor will take the Shuttle bus from K. Falls to Medford. It's a lot shorter for him on the bus, but it adds another hour to our trip to come & get him. We'll work in a visit with the folks & all, and I'd better drop off a geocache travel bug or two while we're there.

We do have a train that goes thru town here, but it's only for freight. I guess the different kinds of trains don't use the same tracks. Shame - it stops downtown.


keeka said...

bummer! Sounds like they need to change things a little up there! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

well i understand.....half the roads lead by a mountain or valley even down least you get to see him is all thats good....sent the cookies yet? lol yes looking forward to those cookies....anyway lots of love sent to the family! I miss you all!! Tell Trevor I love him!!! and nae