Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break Canada Trip - Monday

Early Monday morning (about 6:45 am) Trevor & I left to head to Canada. It's about 500 miles from where we live to my folk's house via the 97 through central Washington.

I had to do a little shopping in Portland and we took a little break at Multnomah Falls, just because they are RIGHT THERE off the freeway. I'm always trying to look as I drive by (bad idea). This picture is just out of the tunnel which the freeway passes over.

The weather was nice & dry for the trip, though there were reports of possible snow showers, we only saw a couple of little flakes around Brewster, WA.

We crossed the border into Canada at Osoyoos around 6:45 pm, and then it's another two hours to Kelowna & my folks. I drove the whole way, since Trevor was mostly busy sleeping. I'm glad I took some Tylenol tho, since a long drive like that tends to tense up my neck & shoulders.


Lee said...

Border crossings have always been interesting.

We all now have passports to make them 'less' interesting

keeka said...

Same here! I am thankful that the kids don't really need them yet.