Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coming Down the Home Stretch

of our final cookie sale. Sales are over Sunday & then we deposit and we're done!!

I will continue to buy them from scouts for the rest of my life, probably. Preferably Older Girls, since there's a big disparity in sales by age. It was a lot harder selling cookies with the older girls - we had to resort to costumes, huge signs, speaking in unison, etc. just to get people's attention.

We never earned huge amounts, since we had a smaller troop. When Renee's folks worked at the mill, that was a big year for us (thanks Nae!). The rest of the time, Diana has always been the top seller for our troop. Granted, she didn't have to share sales like Amanda or Mary, who both have younger sisters.

I have ONE box of sugar-free chocolate chips left unsold. I expect we'll buy those and Lee can have them :) I have two boxes of Samoas put aside for August, when we'll compare them to the "Caramel Delights" being sold in CA. And I still need to get one more box of Thin Mints, since I accidentally grabbed a box that should have been Carolyn's! (don't worry, it's not a big deal to get more - I can ALWAYS get more!).

Through these sales, Diana has amassed a nice T-shirt and towel collection. This year, you had to sell 250 boxes pre-sale to get the shirt. She did it though! It's a cute shirt this year too. Diana was never one for the stuffed animals & such, but they came with the other stuff. She liked the CD coupons to get music. And obviously, she got a lot of patches for her vest.

The black shirt with the sequin belt are from this sale - she will get the rest of the prizes next month. The orange & periwinkle t-shirt & hoodie set are my favorite. They say "Girl Genius" in glow-in-the-dark. Missing is her other favorite shirt with cat eyes that glow in the dark. It's probably lost in the closet or behind the chest of drawers or something.

If we want to raise any more money this year, we can do something on our own as a fundraiser. The girls are still looking at Canada, and if they don't want to have to pay for their passports ($100 each) all on their own, we'll have to figure something else out.


keeka said...

Hey what about a silent auction?
Works for us!
They can make stuff, both crafty and edible and then do the auction!
If you don't have enough people to invite then oh well. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

wow...that is a lot of shirts lol...i like this years...i wish my parents could have still worked there my remaining years we would be rich! It is so sad that this was our last year....hhmm....anyway uh....i got my cookies! i will physically have them tomorrow but i got an e-mail saying its here!!! love nae

Tina said...

Oh good!! Woot!

Tell me what you think of the other thing I stuck in...


Tina said...

A silent auction wouldn't be nearly as productive as a car wash around here ;) Especially if Mary invites all the guys she knows :P

We'll think of something...