Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Connor turns 10!

First thing in the morning, he opened his presents. He actually likes opening the presents more than the presents - unless he specifically requested something. This year, all he asked for was "a party."

So we get little things like Pringles chips, cheddar cheese popcorn, a Ben Ten sticker book, and Diana gave him a Wii game. He also got that trampoline since he wore out his 3rd one now.

"The Party" meant a cupcakes & juice party at school. Connor isn't social enough to have a bunch of kids invade his house ;) Lee got big mylar balloons and brought cupcakes & juice to his classroom at the end of the day. Connor saw him and said, "Now it's time for the party!"
After school, Lee & I took him to the newly remodeled bowling alley to play a game. They can raise the bumpers just for the one person (Connor) so the rest of the people can bowl normally. I think I would have preferred the bumpers!!

After that, we went downtown to get Diana. She wasn't ready yet, so we visited the comic book shop & visited with Brett & Nancy. Then we got Diana and went to a pizza place that has an indoor play structure (better than McDonald's) and Connor got his "pepperoni and pizza" with root beer.

Diana & I had to go to GS Leader meeting, and we met Amanda there. After that, we asked Amanda to come back with us for cake, since she's known Connor since he was in utero (back when she & Diana were in 2nd grade & I was the pregnant classroom aide).

Connor read his card from Omi & Opa (thank you!) and then we sang Happy Birthday & ate cake.
He helped me count out his 10 candles on his cake :)

He said he had a Happy Birthday :)


Rocky said...

Happy Birthday Connor! the Big One-O! Whoot!

prestoffcenter said...

Yay Connor! HB2U

wow. 10 huh.


flyingvan said...

Double digits? Cool! Me too! I'm working on making it to triple digits but that's still 58 years off. Ten trips around the sun. Pretty cool.

keeka said...

Hey, did Connor get his Monkey mail? The kids had fun looking at it after I put it together.
Happy 10 Connor!

Tina said...

Yes he did. Thanks very much. He thought they were pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

wow ten years old!!! that so awesome!!! i love watching him grow up and the fact that i am "renee!' not "girl scout!" anymore is even better!! happy birthday connor!!! love nae