Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break - Tuesday

I got a nice massage today. The Grand Okanagan Hotel & Spa

Carolyn & I had sent our sister, Connie, a massage certificate for Christmas. She's been doing so much to help my folks out with my dad's cancer stuff & all, and we just wanted to let her know how much we appreciated it.

She hadn't used it yet, though, because she wanted to go with someone. So my mom thought it would be a great early birthday present for me to go and get a massage too.

Connie & I got to use the exercise room (we just talked & stretched) and then the Eucalyptus Steam Bath. There was a little confusion over whether the cups of water the attendant had brought were for drinking or for pouring on the steam thingy. After Connie poured half of hers on the steam thingy and it did absolutely nothing, we decided to drink the water :)

Then we showered off & met our therapists. Connie had booked a room with two massage tables, so we could continue to catch up & talk while we got the massages. Some people fall asleep, but my therapist was working pretty hard on those knots in my neck & shoulders and while it was working, I wouldn't have slept anyway!

Connie had to scoot off to work right afterward, so she took me back to my folks. After lox & bagels for lunch (tasty!),I took my dad out in the afternoon to his doctor appointment, and to do some other errands. He's getting around okay, but slowly.

Trevor got to spend time with his cousins & play video games. Later in the afternoon, I took Connie's kids out with me to find a geocache. I had two travel bugs I'd brought with me, and we got to drop one off. The kids thought it was pretty cool. Trevor just thought it was too cold.

After dinner, I watched TV with my parents. Busy day!

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keeka said...

yeesh, my idea and YOU get to go?
Man, bummer luck for me! But I get massages all the time from our friend at church so I can't say a whole lot! Good for you both! Thanks for getting Connie there!