Thursday, March 06, 2008

Trevor update

Lee & Connor drove out to OIT today to go & visit Trevor.

We've been talking with him on Sundays on the phone, and last Sunday he informed us he'd used all his food points on the swipe card they get (part of tuition), even though he was supposed to have been budgeting those points (20,000 points/10 weeks = 2000 points a week). Somehow he used them all up 3 weeks ahead of time. All he had to eat anymore was Top Ramen.

This last month he also discovered what overdraft charges mean on your checking account!

Yes, indeed, one learns a lot one's first year at college!

Anyway - Lee took him grocery shopping and stuff, and I should get the whole rundown tonight after Lee & Connor get home.

His grades are better this term than last, and I guess he rocks in CAD class :)

He has learned a lot about himself & life away from home so far - it's all good (except the overdraft charges and the no food part).


Anonymous said...

lol i know he feels...welcome to adulthood...overdraft charges take up a lot of space on my bank statment nae...tell him i love him!! i miss him!! and good luck!!!

Rocky said...

I remember the time my second semester freshman year that I had realized I was broke until the next payday in 2 weeks. All I had in my cupboard in the dorm was something like 18-20 cans of asparagus (every care package from home had had 2-3 cans of the stuff in it and I had been throwing it into the back of the closet for months. 11 days later, I was crawling on the floor looking for loose change, finding JUST enough pennies and nickels for a plain hamburger in the cafeteria. I didn't learn the joys of overdrafts until my junior year.

Anonymous said...

lol it wasnt asparagus with me but i remember having to do that...instead i just have people "spot" me now i spot everyone else....gotta love that 600 dollars going to nothing but other poepl!!! plus now wheni have no money eveyone else pays you tina!!! love nae

keeka said...

Well, at least he knows enough to be honest about it! He could have really gotten messed up trying to cover it up! But Tina, you raised good honest kids that don't lie to their parents! I hope mine will be the same!

flyingvan said...

I remember living on Jello and Top Ramen.


Anonymous said...

i agree with keeka and flying van...mmmm... jello and they are more honest than i can imagine...but thats what makes 'em kick butt!!! love nae