Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going to Canada

I'm taking Trevor with me to Canada over Spring Break. We're going to visit my folks, obviously. My dad's health has been up & down, and I just want a chance to spend as much time with him as possible. Trevor is my travel companion because he's the first-born grandchild on my side of the family. He's #10 on Lee's side.

My folks had to wait a long time before Trevor came along. I was 28 when he was born, and I was the first one to get married & have kids. Diana was next the following year. Connie had Catherine a few years later, then Mikael. Then I had Connor, and Carolyn had Kaleigh, and then Cole. Aaron is the last kiddo on our side from Connie.

My mom took care of Trevor for me when he was 3 months old, till Diana was born. So Trevor has a pretty special bond with my folks as the first grandkid. It means a lot to Trevor to have a chance to visit with his Omi & Opa again too.

Lee is still job-hunting, and Diana might be doing something else during our Spring Break that I will post on later... Connor will hang out at home and enjoy it being Spring - outside as much as possible.

Things are blooming outside :) It's nice. Pray for an uneventful trip for us, and no new snow!!


Anonymous said...

good luck on the trip! glad i could call and talk to ya'll!!! i love trevor!! haha anyway yeah....good luck with things! love nae

keeka said...

Wow, you aren't very good at the age range sistol! Aaron is after Kaleigh, and Cole is the youngest on our side. But you did good up to that point! Heehee