Sunday, March 23, 2008

Connor Requests

Connor likes to have me take pictures. He likes to look in the little viewscreen on the camera to see how things came out.
Pretty much every time he sees the rainbow on the floor of my room, he wants to get in it for a photo.

The second shot he's pulling my sewing machine cart for me.

This is from today. He positioned us all and told us to put out our arms.

Don't know why, but it was fun :)

In this one, he asked Trevor & Diana to hide him and then said, "Smile!" so I could get a photo.

At least he's not afraid of the camera...

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Anonymous said...

wow....its a good thing because now when i come home i can get some photos of him!!!i lovetaking them!!! maybe self photography could be his nae p.s. he is so cute!!!