Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Things

Here's the ornamental cherry tree in the front yard. It's looking very Springy. From the dining room window behind the lacey curtains, it looks like a pink cloud.

This is a 'double' daffodil. Okay - they're really called Jonquils (at least by the Breck's catalog), and it looks more like quadrupled to me.

Either way, it makes them a bit heavier than their stems can support, and they tend to flop over.

Next time I'll get more regular ones, like the lighter colored ones here - they stand nice & straight!


Lee said...

That tree out front is pleasing to look at. For awhile it had another tree entertwined with it and didnt look so hot. As it is this is a 2nd tree that grew out of the trunk of another.

Anonymous said...

i love your yard.....especially since you keep liberty in back....but i really like it i miss climbing the hill every week and feeling amazinging relief to see that tree....and during girl scout meetings....i miss home a nae