Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy (K)Easter '08!

Happy Easter!

This morning I kicked everyone out of bed bright & early to get ready for Mass.

Connor did especially well today. Mass is tough for him, since it typically lasts a good hour and a half (if not longer). We usually bring a bag full of books & activities to help him stay quiet. And something to eat. Today he just played quietly with the travel drawing pad - it's one of those boards with the black stuff on the bottom, with a grey sheet and then a clear sheet on top. You use a stylus to write on it, and then lift up the sheets to clear it again. That worked great! He never even had to get into the snack!

After Mass we came home for a big breakfast. I made Pillsbury Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, and belgian waffles. I made a strawberry syrup with frozen strawberries, even though we had bought fresh ones. The fresh ones were just too nice to cut up into a sauce. We are eating them fresh. There was also whipped cream to go with the waffles. Lee made scrambled eggs and veggie sausage.
After the meal, Lee & I played Easter Bunny and hid the eggs in the yard. This year Connor was looking forward to the hunt, which was really cool. He was anxious to get out there. It was damp and muddy, but that was fine - the forecast was for rain, and at least it stayed dry!

I still had the mini candy bars I'd gotten in Canada last time I was there, so the kids got Aero bars & Smarties in their eggs, besides the regular M&M's & such.

All three got a Lindt Chocolate bunny first thing this morning. After church, Connor ate his WHOLE BUNNY at once! Usually he'd leave those alone (and I'd get them) but not anymore!! After that good behavior at church, he can run around and jump on his trampoline to work off the bunny. :)


Anonymous said...

wow!! Diana's and Trevor's hair is really long!!! You guys looked so great i am crying!!! i miss ya'll so much....and i am trying to be good but trevor looks not only really grown up but actually really cute.....he is growing to be very handsome aka in my worl your son is H-O-T!!! lol....sounds like connor is starting to do well...its a shocker to see the progress especially since i dont talk so often....i cried when i first talked to him and he knew who i was and could answer my questions!! all in the span of 3-5 months!! and now he is calming down!! i cant wait to come home in 3 months!! it feels too long to be form home!!! glad easter went nae

Anonymous said...

by the way were you all saying cheese in the photo? or laughing because Lee is the only one NOT showing the back of his did it didnt he? love nae

keeka said...

Hey, sounds like you all had a blast! I see Diana is wearing one of the skirts I brought! yay!
We had a nice Easter too, more later!

prestoffcenter said...

Looks like you had fun.

EB didn't make it here down in El Sal. Not even a peep.

He may have been in disguise tho and we ust missed him.