Saturday, March 22, 2008

Experimental Gardening

We bought these cedar trees a while back, and put them in nice big pots on our little porch made from leftover wood.

They got bigger, but I noticed last year they never really got very green again. They aren't dead, and there's a little green, but it's mostly that reddish color - and they really were green when we bought them.

So I'm thinking they aren't really very healthy in those pots - but I'm not sure, hence the experiment.

We're leaving one in a pot because it's not dead.

We planted the other one in our yard. The white buckets are just collecting rain to continue watering when necessary.

This one has been here a week so far, so I can't tell if it's doing well or not. We've had continuous rain for the last week, so it should have gotten enough water, at least.

Connor kept wanting to get into the hole Lee dug to plant this though. Once this one was in, Lee dug him another hole.

Here's Connor's hole. It's about three feet deep and a couple of feet wide. Plenty large enough for Connor to enjoy.

And then he gets a bath :)

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Anonymous said...

good to see you're still killing the plants lol...j/kj/k....while you experiemnt with gardening i jsut tried experimenting with food...dont ever get cottage cheese with pinneapple into it all much sugar....gross....i miss umpqua dairy....its amazing compared to nae...arent u supposed to be on your way to canada? p.s. have diana e-mail me i am lonely at work i work tomorrow too