Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break - Wednesday

I ran my dad around town today. He had to have some bloodwork done and do some other errands.

We had a nice visit in the afternoon. I should have taken out the digital recorder when I asked my dad about what happened after he arrived in Montreal and started his life in Canada. I got to hear about his ex-fiance and another gal he dated, and the whole story about how he met my mom & all that. I should probably create a timeline and have them fill in the holes for me soon, so I can add that stuff to his biography. The current version of the biography goes from his birth through the war and then stops at him arriving in Montreal.

In the evening, I headed over to visit with Connie & her family a little more. Mikael made a curry-potato dish that was very tasty. I got to chat with Catherine a bit. I really like her comic art style. I told her to scan some of her stuff at Opa's house and send it over via email :) She's got some pretty funny stuff ;)

Connie has a photo of the two of us, but she hasn't sent it yet - prolly because I haven't sent her any of mine yet? Whoops. Better do that soon.

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keeka said...

looks like you and mom had a good laugh over something? Dad does look pretty thin but his color isn't too bad and he looks like he is eating well, yay, Dad!