Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Rob wanted a little more info about the yurts.

These are the ones our Oregon State Parks use. They have a porch (the one Diana is sweeping is obviously smaller than the full-yurt photo). They all have a picnic table & fire ring close by & parking, of course. The cover over the porch is great in our all-kinds-of-weather campgrounds.

These yurts also have heating & swamp coolers. The little dome on the top opens up for a breeze, and there are screened "windows" under the canvas flap you see on the left of the door - there are 3 windows.

The doors lock, and the campground gives you a key.

They have a futon & bunk bed set up, so you can sleep 5 in beds - there's room for a couple more on the ground if you bring pads & sleeping bags for that. There were 3 chairs and one table in our yurt as well. We were able to put the table between the bunk bed & futon, with a chair on either side to play Apples to Apples very easily.

They cost about $30 a night depending on where you are. I love them! So much easier (and warmer & dryer) than tent camping! W00t!

They are often set up in a 'village' with a bigger yurt for meals/meetings/movies, whatever. The picture at the bottom of the Saturday post is in the big yurt. I think there were about 6 yurts in our village. We just reserved the whole thing for the Girl Scout camp. There was a restroom for the yurt village, but if you wanted to take a shower you had to go out into the regular campground to do that at their bathrooms (5 minute walk).

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keeka said...

wow. They do look very nice, much much better than tent camping. Is there a website that has yurts on it? I mean are they only in National Parks or are they just around?