Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Play

This is Connor & Diana's "Blinx-man" (after the x-box game with cat heroes).

Diana buried Connor in the snow...
He escaped.

When they came in, I just threw all the snow stuff in the dryer. Two hours later when they went out again, only the gloves were still damp. They just used different ones.


keeka said...

well, it doesn't look like 3 inches but what do I know! Was this later or earlier? I mean was a lot more snow there later? Or is that what you got? I just wondered because you can still see the grass and stuff underneath, but wow, that is a lot for you right? I mean if we got even half of that the kids would freak!

Tina said...

You only see the grass because Diana rolled up the snow to make the snowman.

That's all covered again now.

Everything is still green & alive under the snow. It's not just dead grass & dirt like it would be in Canada or something.

Aunt Myrna said...

Daniel got a pretty awesome B-day present in 9 1/2 inches of snow and a day off of school. One buddy came this am to sled, then 2 more showed up at lunchtime, too mushy to sled, but enjoyed shooting the spudgun loaded with packed snow, and constructing a large fort/igloo in the field. It's good for 17 year olds to have a playday!

- Rob said...

Blinxman - great combination of Xbox and outdoor play. Way to go Connor and Diana!