Saturday, January 19, 2008

Held Hostage by Karaoke

One of my responsibilites for Girl Scouts has been housing the Karaoke machine our local service units bought about 5 years ago. It basically lives in my closet, and I just check it out to leaders when they rent it ($10 or a new Karaoke disc).

A couple of weeks ago, someone needed it for an event, so it got returned this week. Yesterday I set it up again to check and make sure everything was working as it should.

Connor got interested. He likes to hear his voice over a microphone anyway, and he can read the words off the TV fine - he's not as comfortable with the tunes though, so he needed someone to sing with him.

I don't typically mind singing along (if anyone remembers the year we lived in Garden Grove & we had a party with a Karaoke machine, it pretty much turned into what Lee called "the Tina and Carolyn Show"). However, I *do* have better things to do on a Saturday morning than sing through 12 songs in a row by the Barenaked Ladies! In particular, we had to sing "If I had 1,000,000" repeatedly, since it's a 2-part song. Connor sang the green lines, and I sang the blue ones and we sang the yellow ones together.

Diana & I went to Wal*Mart last night to check out their selection of Karaoke CD's because we wanted to find one with the Pet Shop Boys. Connor has kind of hooked into "Opportunities" on YouTube, and we felt he'd be okay singing on his own for that one since he knows it so well. But they didn't have it, so we settled for a couple of other discs, one with "Build Me Up, Buttercup" which Connor also really likes.

This morning though, it had to be BNL and If I Had $1,000,000. *sigh*


keeka said...

as I recall at that party, Carl and his brother Craig sang too, but no, not as much as we did. Although I was pretty surprised by Carl's knowledge of "Another One Bites the Dust"!

Lee said...

Kirby RoXoR's