Monday, January 14, 2008

Kamperdoodle 2008 - Sunday

Sunday morning, we packed up our gear, Diana swept & Mary took out the trash. We were the first ones done with clean up & check out :)

Then we headed to the beach to do a little more geocaching & play on the beach. I found a cache near here & the girls tried to escape the waves (they got caught though).

This is Erica from Debbie's troop. She's holding the Breast Cancer Travel Bug from the cache we're at - her other hand is on it. She really got into caching and helped me find 3 more ;)

MY girls were still playing at the beach (with a couple other troops & their leaders). And they had to change their pants when I came back to get them...

While Diana was changing in the van, Mary came around to the side of the car when a group of guys came up to their car in the parking lot & Mary yells, "Diana! Are your pants on yet?" before she opens the slider door. You should have seen their heads whip around.... Diana was already completely dressed, by the way.

Then we got Subway & came home. Ta Da!


- Rob said...

What does a Yurt look like? Is that top picture what it looks like on the inside? It sounds exotic and you have talked about them before, but I don't have a good visual in my head of what they look like.

keeka said...

yeah, same here! Also, did you get to keep the bear or do you put it back?

Tina said...

I have to put the bear in a different geocache somewhere else.

If I feel like I've kept it too long (a month) I can drop it off at a local cache (like the one by the duck pond we found with Daniel).


Anonymous said...

lol...that sounds like something i would do with diana!!! lol love nae