Sunday, January 20, 2008

Season Four of Atlantis

I previously posted about Stargate SG-1 and when it finally left the air after 10 years. This Stargate spin-off was not "as good" as the original to a lot of people. There was a definite following with Richard Dean Anderson as O'Neill in the original series.

This season, I think some of the folks from the original show have come over to Atlantis - writing-wise.

It seems a little lighter, with more character development now. More relationships, etc.

A big change was bringing Amanda Tapping over from the original show. She doesn't get as much screen time now as she did, but I'm sure she'll be more involved over time.
They have also added Jewel Staite (from Firefly/Serenity) this season, and she's fun as well.

One thing I love about these shows is that my kids also enjoy them so much. Trevor catches it at college and Diana watches it with us.

My favorite character is McKay (looks annoyed), the Canadian, he's played by David Hewlett. We also like Ronon (the tall guy with dreads), played by Jason Momoa. He's getting the best lines now.

Teyla (Rachel Luttrell) is having a baby soon, and there's a whole plotline about her missing people and the father of her child.

And then there's Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), who is the cool, soldier-guy who doesn't play by the same rules as everyone else.

I hope this series can last a long time yet - I see it getting better and more fun to watch. Plus I don't know how things turn out every time. Occasionally someone gets killed off -- that's why there are two new characters this season (not that that means anything - Daniel Jackson in SG-1 got killed more times than any other character in TV history I think...he was killed or presumed dead 20 times!).

I look forward to Fridays on Sci-Fi :)


Rocky said...

I think O'Neill holds the death record. Remember the time that Bael killed/revived/killed/repeat/resume loop for whole episode? Yeah, I'm geek Deal with it lol.
Oh and you are so right about death not meaning much. I know 1 character that is supposed to return this season.......

Tina said...

Well, Weir is a replicator now... but the "real" Weir is dead...

I think I saw a commercial showing them finding Carson tho.

Guess we'll find out!

I think Teal'c is supposed to guest star this season too :)

Also, we TiVo both Stargates, even tho we've seen most of them. Occasionally I will find one I've missed before. We didn't have Sci-Fi for the first few years SG-1 was on.

Anonymous said...

Sci-Fri Fridays- Mmmmmmm...
Atlantis- agree except I'm getting a bit bored with always having to deal with badness of the evil everywhere on their tails. I had a tough enough time dealing with that feeling on Galactica. That was a dark show. STrek at least leaned towards good adventure/explore episodes and inserted a moral in somewhere.

Still REALLY bummed about Farscape tho (sniff)- I think that is the reason for it's short run, It was WAY too expensive to build something new for every week.


Tina said...

I'm hoping they will also do a "fun" episode every season like SG-1 (and prior to that, X-Files) would do.

Altho last Friday's was pretty funny, I thought.

Rocky said...

The "real" Weir isn't dean, IMO. Only proof that we have is a replicator saying that she is dead. I want to see the body :P Be a great story no matter who is right, won't it?